Indie game developer and musician. Making games with the indie studio Stray Basilisk.

My new album BEADS released today!

BEADS, my new album is now available! You can purchase or stream the tracks via my bandcamp (paul-sim.bandcamp.com/album/beads). Thanks for all the support!

Room Party EP Released!

I released an EP!

Room Party is an arrangement of bleeps and bloops inspired by indie game soundtracks and chiptune-ish electronic music. In the months of tweaking, shredding up parts, and slapping on noise after noise, I gathered my favorite sounds, arranged them, and then called it an album. Ironically, the result is something clean (in the most neutral sense); something minimal. Hope you enjoy it!

Available for streaming/purchase on my bandcamp: https://paul-sim.bandcamp.com/album/room-party

Some electronic EP coming soon!

Excited to be releasing an EP in the near future! It combines some of my favorite genres – ambience and video game–esque music. Here’s a snippet from the album.

Neon Drifters Soundtrack Released!

My music contribution for the Android game Neon Drifters is available as a free download from my Bandcamp!


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